Monday, January 26, 2009

Somewhere between 42 and infinity, lies the power of my creativity !

The following was my entry for a Poetry writing part of Creative Writing during Saarang, 09 ( It's slisha longish but please have the patience to read it till the end, as I think it's not that bad; the results of Creative writing might not indicate the same !)


The Man who knew infinity,
Didnt know his divinity,
Until he met the astrologer,
Who said he could read his future.

The astrologer said to our Man,
You are gifted by a boon from Pan
Which you received in your previous birth
And is the reason that you bear such a huge girth !

Said our Man to the astrologer,
What is this boon you talk about from a Greek character
That I never encounter in the papers I publish,
Or are you back to your ways of speaking gibberish ?

The astrologer replied,
Ignoring the Man’s snide,
You could be more famous and enjoy thy romance,
I shall not tell forth until you pay my advance

The Man had no option but to cough up the cash
'Coz he loved listening to such flattery and trash,
After all, when one knows about infinity,
You needn’t worry about 42 or its complexity !

The key to success lies in your path,
Thus replied the miniscule psychopath,
The only thing which blocks you,
Is the birth date which mocks you !

How can it mock me,
When that’s what defines what you see
Unless it’s another stale line from your "Period of lunacy",
Hurry up, or I shall take back your fee !

This is the latest discovery my son,
In numerology, since the forecast of World War One,
You needn’t change the spelling of your name,
To end up gaining Sonu Niigaam’s fame !

A simple combination of digits can twist your fate,
Which you could ensure you a night with Ms. Winslet,Kate,
About whom you fantasize while sleeping in bed,
But alas ! your birthdate seems to deem the signal red !

The Man was impatient to know more,
For he now found this interesting to the core,
And for those who found this poem to be a bore,
I will honestly kick thy butt if you read no more !

Oh, divine messenger!
I didn’t know my life was ruled by a number,
Please do anything you can,
As I’m Ms. Winslet’s biggest fan !

The astrologer went into a trance,
Or so it seemed at first glance,
"How do I get the most from this impotent faggot?",
Was actually the aim of his wicked plot !

He suggested that our Man add four
To his existing birthdate,
Which would allow him to implore,
The finer intricacies of fate !

Unknowingly when he did it then,
His destiny changed drastically,
To counter which, the astrologer told to add another seven,
To his birth month to counter this anomaly.

By the end of this exercise,
Which lasted fifteen minutes and seconds thirteen,
The astrologer couldn’t be more precise,
When he said “Now you are as young as a teen !”

The Man was eager to test this update,
And knocked on Winslet’s entry gate,
Only to see her come out with a pink nightcap
And deliver on his face,one tight slap !

A costly lesson it turned out to be,
Which also ended his forecasted ‘romance’
He understood then that "Love by Numbers" wasn't so easy,
And was nothing but purely a matter of chance !


cl said...

too long! padhte padhte neend aa gayi :P

PS: Great poem! Wouldn't you cherish the original, hard copy?

I'm a gravy hanger !! said...

i wouldnt...try how much ever you can to try and lure me into putting you a treat, so that you can avenge my bugging but realize that you are fighting a lost abttle :)

Thanks for appreciating my can keep the hard copy with yourself and probably remind yourself that, that's the closest you came to blackmailing me ( as it's not in a good handwriting at all, i'm allowing you to keep it :P )

cl said...

I haven't lost everything yet!
Seriously, look at all the typo worshiping you are doing! You could as well start a club/sangh/society 'The TT =>TypoThickheads' (I guess the publicity on my gtalk would do good in that case!!):P

And when I said 'great poem', I was just preparing a conducive atmosphere for striking a deal!! Sadly (:P), I couldn't finish reading
1). The hard copy :Forget it! It looked like a mentally retarded ant was dipped in ink and allowed to trot all over the paper :P
2). The blog: It was so looOOoong that I actually crashed off

A spectator said...

@CL: Oh wow, an ant was able to make such a sensible move on the paper.
You even made an effort to read it. Can't you jus see the length? And those typos are perhaps because of the uneasiness caused by your presence and drama.

@Author: Don't I deserve a treat?

I'm a gravy hanger !! said...

@ Cl : I never knew your IQ was so high that you could compare mentally retarded ants' motion with my handwriting ! wow, you shuvarly ARE VETTI !

@ Spectator : Once again, gracias for making me realize that sane people do exist in this world. You shall get your treat when the time comes ( meaning when i encash my cheque :P ) ..typos were not due to uneasiness caused by cl..but due to a fault in my eternal keyboard which doesnt take all keypresses uniformly :| if cl caused uneasiness, i wouldnt exist in this world !

cl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cl said...

@gravy-dirty-disgusting-greasy hanger: Better late than never! You still have a long way to go, kid, we are just at the tip of the iceberg here! :P
I (being modest) am telling you, its not my IQ, its was your handwriting that did all the magic! Kudos!

I choose to take the last sentence as a compliment. :)

@Spectator: I'm sure you will learn your lesson regarding whom to trust and support! Congratulations in advance.
Also, typo-worshiping should be the immediate result of the gracious treatment that Mr.TT bestows upon his keyboard.
Hello!! Where are all the 'keyboard-rights activists' ??!

PS: 'eternal keyboard' : wonder what that means :O

I'm a gravy hanger !! said...

@cl : You are free to chose any sentence of mine as a compliment..all i can say is "Ignorance is Bliss" also, what do you mean by "you have a long way to go kid" ? T4U to say that, as you are younger than me aaaand, we all know who's the kiddo here, who can't control her 'vani' :P ..

You still have time to learn from the Spectator, who knows that support 'll be provided and trust maintained as and when required, unlike you who's already gone against that trust(albeit for a small while, and a treat)....

...and I still call you vetti for being one of the verrrry few ppl to have commented on my blog-post more than twice ! I guess my blog's title should now qualify as a double entendre :)