Thursday, February 25, 2010

24th February, 2010 A.D.

Well, titling this post with a date may seem stupid but considering that this date is historic in more than one sense, I'll continue with my 'stupidity'.

First things first : It proved the existence of God. One of the names of this God is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. People know me as a die-hard Dravid fan and I still am despite witnessing this magical knock of 200* against RSA at Gwalior. Maybe VISA should "adopt" Master Card's ad campaign with the following lines : " Buying a ticket for India vs RSA @ Gwalior : Rs. 500. Travelling charges from Chennai to Gwalior, to and fro : Rs. 6000. Food and India jersey for the match : Rs. 1300. Watching God perform magic : Priceless!" ... One of the ad taglines in today's (Feb 25) newspaper took this a little further stating " Sachin is the secret of India's energy! " (the ad was obviously by Boost). Well, I never did any of the costly things which Visa Power could buy me but preferred to watch this miracle from my hostel common room, which looked more like a stuffed pillow, with seemingly no space and yet being filled in with more people as time passed by and as Sachin neared his Double Ton. This experience was truly amazing, even beating the experience of watching India beat Pakistan in the T20 World Cup finals, from the same "venue". And this was something I just had to blog about, even beating my laziness!

Also, another interesting thing happened. One could call it a part of the social experiments I've been trying out over the past few months, of how people react to various stimuli and how much their actions seem to reveal about themselves. As it happened, I filed my nomination form for the post of Co-Curricular Affairs Secretary of IIT Madras the previous day (Feb 23rd) despite most people seeming to think that I was just joking about it. Well, I was serious about the joke I wanted to cause. And my! it seemed more like some kind of chaos theory developing around me. Never have I seen so many people united, against and pro my decision at the same time (trust me, it's always been a overwhelming majority for any side, for or against.. never 50-50). Insti politics is something I never wish to be a part of although I wouldn't mind observing how things shape up, considering it's worth a paper to publish if carried out in a scientific manner, with readings and all. Maybe I'm a bit late this time, but must attempt this stuff next year. Anyways, let's hope all these guys who claim to understand the dynamics of student council "politics" (for the lack of a better word as I haven't begun my GRE prep yet) are 'strategically' correct else I would feel that their decision to force me to withdraw my application would be gross injustice to a democratic right I fundamentally deserve. Oh wait a min : Wasn't I pro-dictatorship ? Oh screw it, I'm a sadistic hypocrite but whatever be the case, I must admit it was real fun to see the pained look on their faces after they realized that the "wolf story" I had informed everyone about was actually true. I've taken a couple of their photos as well for documentation purposes... in a hope to realize my dream of a publication :) Oh and yes, to clarify any doubts, the title of this post is also the date when this "social expt" officially ended. Hoping for some more opportunities to try out random experiments in an attempt to understand human psychology without having to do a PhD in the same!

PS : Mourinho's revenge on his former employers was also sweet! The date is referential to this incident as well, although nothing historic about it. Nothing great about Inter beating Chelsea; for me at least.