Friday, August 8, 2008

Pleasant Jerks !!

Well, finally I'm dedicating a post to someone -- Prof. TT Narendran (TTN in short). What makes this post special is that I've not sat in a single class of his and yet I'm posting some of his delectable quotes (thanks to my choice of Minor, but well I never knew TTN rocked like this :( ) Following are some of his PJs, not in any particular order :-

"Which element in the Periodic Table can make you feel poor ? " ...... Antimony !!!!

"Which is the only creature apart from human beings having emotions ? ".....Sentipede !!!!!!!

"There were 2 scientists ;- Highf & Daw " Didn't get it ??? It's High-Funda !!! (Pun Intended)

More are to follow as his classes go by ! Wow, now there's a Prof. in IITM who can keep a class going :)

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