Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sleeping by Books on a Rainy evening

Well, these verses were created (some may even call it re-created) in a weather which induces more sleep than mugging habits. And if u liked the lines below, it could well go on to prove that Quizzes too can be inspiring.

"" The books are heavy and piled in a heap,
But I also have my grades to reap,
And lots to mug before I sleep,
And lots to mug before I sleep ! "

I just hope that my quizzes go well, or else..........God save me !


silentkiller said...

So how did they go?

silentkiller said...


lord voldemort said...

Well, if truth be told Spanky, they were a disaster. But I guess that made me buck up a bit and mput a bit of fight for the end-sems !